Hot Tubs: Chlorine/Bromine vs Saltwater

1.Use of chlorine
Chlorine is an important chemical compound for some processes of water purification, disinfection, and bleaching.

It destroys bacteria and other microbes from drinking water and pools. In most swimming pools, chlorine is not used, but a mixture of sodium hypochlorite. Chlorine also can be found in the production of paper, then as an antiseptic, solvent, in colors.

It have its usage as a water scrubber that represents an integral part for  most of the swimming pools

It is the other chemical purifier. With the chlorination process, dust and dirt will drop to the bottom of the container and get visually clean water.

It is toxic if present in large quantity in the water can lead to damage to the nervous system, digestive and respiratory tract, and in some cases, there are the mortal end. Chlorine is associated with many health problems.

Because of all these shortcomings of traditional methods of water purification is clear to us, because today we need new methods of water purification.

2.Use of bromine

Bromine is used in the production of water purifiers, paints, pharmaceuticals, inorganic bromides for photography in. Everything in nature as bromide salts in very rare rocks from the earth’s crust. Because natopuvanjeto, bromide salts have accumulated in sea water and can be economically recovered from brine wells and the Dead Sea.

Bromine is good to be used in large quantities as a purifier of water in a hot tub, because with prolonged use may be harmful to human health. It has in some tablets but in small quantities.

3.Use of saltwater

We use salt water as we bathe, because it is very good for our body and health, and doctors say that seawater is health for us.Salt water would really work on our skin in these summer heat. Salt water acts as a stimulant and activator of cell metabolism. In addition, it has an antiseptic effect, tightens and tones the skin, while mineral substances from the sea help normalize the vital energy of our body.

After bathing in the sea, the skin becomes smooth, and most of the impurities are removed by themselves. This is because salt water is truly healing, so it is recycled and processed for use in skin care products, but also for the treatment of the respiratory system.

Salt water easily penetrates the skin and mucous membranes along with other valuable ingredients, such as minerals, which are required for the basic biochemical processes necessary for balance. If we did not come into contact with salt water from the sea, you can make a hydrochloric bath with sea salt (one cup of salt per liter of water).

The temperature of the water should be the same as the temperature of your body. In such water, you can sit for 15 minutes, then bath with plain water and apply it on your skin the products based on water. If you do not have the conditions or time to fill your bathtub with salt water, it will greatly help you to make such water in a leg just for your  feet.

Best of these three elements for use in the hot tubs is salt water, not harmful, health is improving the skin of the body, while chlorine and bromine are used to purify water, but more in pools.