Zero turn lawn mower is a lawn mower that has its mowing deck at the front of the mower, rather than under the mower like the traditional lawn tractor.  The term “Zero turn” refers to it turning radius of zero inches; it means that the mower can turn on a dime.

It is known for its speed and the ability to maneuver easily. There are different types of zero turn mowers; stand-on, walk behind or a riding mower. Zero turn mowers usually have four wheels, two pivoting wheels at the front and two large wheels that drive it at the back with independent steering handles control them.

Most zero turn mowers are manufactured for commercial or industrial use, but there are smaller ones that are perfectly fit for domestic use. Houses with big lawns make use of this mower, and they are usually not as expensive as the commercial mowers. It has different options for engine power with a fuel type of diesel or gasoline, and it also has a varying size of cutting decks.

How zero turn lawn mowers work

Zero turn mowers have rear wheel connected to a hydrostatic transmission which makes the wheel to rotate by using a pressurized fluid, has the resulting force from the engine allowed the pump to pressurize the transmission fluid. When moving the steering lever, it controls the fluid through the rotational speed and the transmission that moves the wheel in a forward or backward direction. When the lever is at maximum, it generates a maximum flow of fluid which makes the wheel to turn rapidly.

When you push both levers in the forward direction, the mowers move forward and vice versa. The farther the level is pushed in any direction, the faster the mower moves. If you want to curve to the right, push the left handle forward, and then the rights handle and vice versa when curving to the left. You can also make swing turn by pushing one handle forward and leaving the other one at neutral; this makes the mower to swivel around the fixed wheel.

Pros of zero lawn mowers

Zero turn lawn mowers are a modern machine that comes with a lot of benefits, are they known to be fast and easy to maneuver. The two handles at each end of the mower make it easy to navigate the mowers; you can make the mower to turn of 360 degrees and 180 degrees without any problem. You can save a lot of time when mowing your lawn with zero turn mowers; you will be able to cover a lot of ground than when using the typical traditional mowers.

They are also very effective and efficient; this is possible because of the various features that come with them. Most of them have the horsepower that is usually around 5 to 30 with a high cutting speed. Furthermore, the mowers have less wear and tear on its engines and tires because the degree of physical effort is significantly low. It also makes a cleaner cut and consumes low fuel.

Cons of zero lawn mowers

Zero turn lawn mowers come with a lot of benefits, but it also has a few downsides that we have to consider. Zero turn mowers have been known not to be effective when the slope of the lawn is greater than 10 degrees; it could flip when climbing the slope. It is also not well optimized when mowing a wet lawn; it can damage the mower or make it to malfunction. Zero turn lawns mower are also more expensive has that other type of mowers.

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